EEM2016 includes 7 main topics

Electricity market design, regulation and monitoring

  • Structure of electricity market
  • Capacity and ancillary services markets
  • Design and implementation of capacity markets
  • Alternative market models for Europe
  • Local balancing market and balancing areas
  • Transmission and distribution tariffs
  • Network congestion management
  • Regulation of transmission and distribution systems
  • Market monitoring
  • Market power and market strategies
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Role of the last resort suppliers

Electricity markets & Grid planning and operation

  • Market enabling and enhancing technologies
  • Ancillary services
  • Local balancing areas and markets
  • Trading imbalances
  • Transmission system planning in market environment
  • System operation
  • Power quality
  • Impact of new technologies on the electricity market (FACTS/HVDC)
  • Energy storage technologies
  • Economics of energy storage
  • Smart grid technologies, pricing and operation
  • Smart grids for efficient integration of renewables and distributed generation
  • Demand side management
  • Internet based technologies

Power generation and renewable energies

  • Innovative power generation technologies
  • Low carbon technologies
  • Cost of new nuclear safety requirements
  • Impact of renewable and distributed generation on networks
  • Real costs of renewable energies and distributed generation development
  • Imbalances caused by renewable energies and distributed generation
  • Incentives to investment in renewable energies and distributed generation
  • Impact of renewable energies and distributed generation on security of supply
  • Reversible hydro generation

Modelling, simulation and forecasting of energy and carbon markets

  • Day-ahead markets
  • Technical electricity markets: system balancing, short-term reserve and ancillary services
  • Carbon markets
  • Green certificate markets
  • Cross-border transmission capacity access and trading
  • Futures, forward and other derivative markets
  • Electricity market modelling and simulation
  • Game theory applied to energy markets
  • Agent-based simulation of energy markets
  • Econometric models applied to energy and carbon markets
  • Risk management in energy markets
  • Technical and economic modelling of energy markets
  • Life-cycle analysis of energy technologies and storage
  • Economic analysis of energy prices
  • Investment analysis
  • Portfolio management

Implementation of the energy and climate European policy

  • European energy and climate policies
  • New reforms of the Electricity regulation under climate change constraint
  • Pan-European regulation, the role of ACER and national energy market regulators
  • ACER, ENTSO-E and G and the EU regulations
  • Integration of regional electricity markets. Building a single European market
  • Economics of renewables
  • Support schemes and their impact on the European power systems and electricity markets
  • De-carbonization of the power sector
  • Social and economic aspects of climate change
  • Cross-border issues
  • International coordination and co-operation
  • Energy poverty policy
  • Economics of biofuels
  • Nuclear risk evolution
  • Security of supply
  • Stakeholder vision on the future power system

Present and future of gas and coal markets

  • Natural gas and coal commodity markets and derivate markets
  • Economic and environmental impact of unconventional gas
  • Carbon market regulation and impact on the electricity market
  • Liberalization and regulation of the European gas market
  • Recent developments in the reducing carbon footprint of fossil fuels

Competition law, energy rules and institutions

  • Energy competition Law
  • Antitrust decisions applied to energy
  • Law and economics of EU energy markets
  • Regulation of energy sector
  • US-EU comparison of energy Law
  • FERC-ACER institutional comparison
  • National/European system of energy regulation
  • Mergers and acquisition analysis of EU energy local or regional markets
  • Regional initiatives and EU wide regulations comparison
  • Governance of energy reforms



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